“I am not sick. I am healthy here, I want to get out” #Covid19 patient in Benue cries out

One of the Coronavirus patients in Benue state, Susan Idoko, has cried out in annoyance, claiming she is not sick and wants to return to her family in the UK.

Susan, who is the index case in the state, in a phone conversation with Channels TV, said that she has not received any form of treatment since she was taken to the facility.

She narrated how she was transferred from Makurdi, Benue to Abuja for treatment and how she was tested twice but has not been given a single dose of medication. Adding that she has not been and is not feeling sick.

Susan debunked the claims of the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire that she tested positive for coronavirus saying it is a lie.

She said: “That is a lie. I came from London on the 22nd of March. The hospital told me that because I am coming from a high-risk area, the standard procedure was for them to call the state Ministry of Health.

“And innocently, I said, yes, come and run a test on me. The photocopies of the result were brought to me because I told the Minister of Health that if I don’t get the result, nobody does another test on me, I am not going to accept it.“

“I was transferred from Makurdi on the 2nd of April. They did one (test) in Makurdi and another one in Abuja on the 10th of April. From Makurdi to this place, I have not taken a dose of panadol or any drug or treatment.

“From the past 22 days, apart from when I went to the private hospital in Makurdi, where I was given analgesics for pain relieve, I have not taken a panadol from anybody both in Benue State Isolation Centre and here in Abuja Isolation Centre. I am just inside my room; I am not allowed to come out. If I peep outside my room, they will tell me. ‘Madam, go inside, go inside’.

“The doctors come every day to ask for my welfare though. On April 3rd, the doctors said they suggest I take malaria treatment because I was coming from a place where there is no malaria and in Nigeria, there is malaria.”

“I said I thought they brought me here for COVID-19, why malaria now? The following day, another doctor came in and said, ‘we are going to treat you for mild symptoms’. I said, what’s mild symptoms? My vital signs are okay. My breathing is okay, I don’t have a temperature. So, what are you treating me for? I am not sick. I am healthy here. I want to get out.

“I came for my mom’s burial but because of the lockdown, it’s been postponed. If the burial is not holding, let me go and meet my children in London, I am not sick.”

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