How Bello El-Rufai’s ‘threat to rape’ scandal wrecked havoc on Brittle Paper

Aniehi Edoro, Founder and Editor-in-chief of Brittle Paper

It is entirely unfortunate that the El-Rufai scandal has wrecked havoc on one of Africa’s leading literary platforms

Brittle Paper fired Otosirieze Obi-Young over his report on El Rufai’s wife comments on her son’s gang-rape threat.

The editor and founder of Brittle Paper, Aniehi Edoro said she did not feel too comfortable with an article written by the Deputy Editor, Otosirieze.

In the article Otosirieze criticized Hadiza El-Rufai, the wife of Nasir El-rufai, Governor of Kaduna after she supported her son when he publicly made threats on twitter to gang rape a young man’s mother.

Brittle Paper released a statement saying that the article was pulled down because it did not meet the editorial standard.

Otosirieze said that despite editing the article as Aniehi instructed she still called him and informed him that she was pulling down the whole article completely and fired him from his position, Otosirieze released a statement on his personal blog saying, “Removing me from Brittle Paper is part of the political agenda to subsume Nigerian literature and make it difficult to be an honest writer here. Their takeover is now complete.”

Chibuihe Obi, a writer/contributor to Brittle Paper who also won the platform’s anniversary award also released a statement demanding that his works be pulled down from the platform.

” I am publicly rescinding the award Brittle Paper gave me in 2017 and will forthwith return the cash that came with the prize. i have written to ainehi edoro to demand that my works be pulled from their site.” Chibuihe wrote in a post he made on his facebook page.

” To say that I am disappointed in Brittle Paper is to understate my despair at the loss of a promising voice for literature. There’s absolutely no excuse for this other than a crude self-serving attempt to protect powerful interests. This cop-out at a seminal moment is a disgrace.

Nigerian literature is trash. Period.

‪Let me suggest this to readers of conscience: Boycott Brittle Paper until its “high” editorial standards stand up for justice and the truth, and do not coddle despots, genocide enablers and rapists. Do not read Brittle Paper until it apologizes for protecting thugs like Elrufai.‬ ” US based Nigerian literary critique, Ikhide Roland wrote stating his disappointment at Brittle Paper.

Brittle Paper has now come under heavy criticism from Nigerians on social media as more writers have disassociated themselves from the platform and asked that their works be pulled down.

Could this be the end of Brittle Paper?

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