Chaos as armed robbery gang popularly know as “1 Million boys” sends letter of notification to rob residents of Surulere

The popular armed robbery gang known as ‘1million boys’ have written a letter to residents of Ijesha in Surulere local government to inform them that they will attack them this week.

Fomerly known as Awala Boyz, they were merely local miscreants, to now grouping themselves to looting and terrorizing communities as One Million Boys.
They ain’t new to the locales. They’re only new in the media.

They migrated from Ajegunle and they’ve gradually expanded themselves to the nooks and crannies of the mainland area of Lagos State.
They’ve been in existence since or before 2012, terrorizing people every day and night. The local police is aware of their activities.
One Million Boys; which includes Girls are extraction of Awala Boys. Cos they go in groups to terrorize.
They start by creating pandemonium before striking. It can be anytime of the day. Morning, Afternoon or Night. They have no regards for anyone; likewise their parents have no hold on them.

If they’ve written to this household, they’re only trying to be nice. These young boys and girls are ruthless and bloody.

These are young boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 18years.

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