Nigerian community in the UK suffers another sad loss as Engineer Lebari succumbs to #Covid19

Nigeria’s diaspora community in the UK has lost another of its prominent citizens to the dreaded coronavirus pandemic after Manchunian Greg Lebari succumbed to the virus and sadly passed away.

Mr Lebari was a highly respected member of the Nigerian community in Manchester, serving as the electoral officer during its last elections. Nigeria appears to have lost more citizens in the UK than in any other country in the world, as the pandemic has been particularly ruthless among Britain’s black and ethnic minority community.

As of today, 93,873 people have been infected with the virus in the UK, of which 12,107 have unfortunately died, giving Britain the fifth highest casualty rate in the world. With about a third of all infected people being black, the Nigerian community has suffered a very heavy toll in relation to its population ratio.

Augusta Ugoh, the chairman of the Nigeria Community Manchester, said: “It is with heavy heart we announce the loss of a dedicated member of our Nigeria Community in Manchester, our chief Inec officer Greg Lebari as popularly known in the community. Our father, brother and husband, Engineer Gregory Dandison Lebari unexpectedly passed away during this coronavirus pandemic.”

She added that as a community they are unable to perform the normal arrangements due to the pandemic lockdown. According to Ms Ugoh, it is their intention, however, to celebrate his life in the near future and the will update the community of the arrangements.