Kenyan woman goes viral after ‘foursome’ s**x tape got leaked (Video)

A video has emerged online of a Kenyan female, reportedly married having sex with three men.

Video making the rounds on social media of a Married woman with 3 kids whose Harriet Scott from her Instagram name recently had a Sex Party where she invited 4 guys to an apartment where they displayed different kinds of sex romps ranging from Pythagoras styles, missionary styles, chicken lap style, touch ur toe , doggy styles, you name it etc etc all in a foursome thriller.

The unidentified three men in the video

The woman with a Trailer Engine strength was seen in videos 1 & 2 has she defeated all four guys in a video recording of 22 mins!! In actual facts the guys could not curtail her sexual appetite as she drank water & wine throughout the show of madness.

How did the video get to the public eye? One of the 4 guys involved in the Foursome acts got greedy & demanded for money not to upload the sex party video but our Madame chocolate the Toto sharer did not oblige & hence the video found it’s way into the Blogosphere.

Now as we hear her marriage is in big trouble as her husband has filed for a Divorce! And the shameless woman is not taking things easy as she’s preparing to Sue the guy that leaked their sex party video becos it’s not meant for public consumption.

Hariett Scot and her family

The lady in the video gave 4 guys a run for their money! It was indeed an eyesore! A married woman to such a level? She was teaching guys how to hit the G spot…The woman whose videos have gone viral while having sex with 4 men has claimed someone leaked the (videos) after she refused part with a bribe.

Harriet Scot who is sex coach in conversation with local blogger said she might take legal action against the person who leaked them.

Watch video here and here