#COVID19 : Man loses his mother, sister and father to coronavirus in the space of two weeks

A British man has taken to his social media page to share his agony after his mum, Keith, 84, dad Jean MacVicar, 82, and sister Jayne all died of Coronavirus in the space of two weeks, Birminghamlive.co.uk reports.

Keith and Jean died two weeks ago after contracting Covid-19 two weeks ago and then their daughter Jayne, 62, developed symptoms shortly after.

Jayne’s younger brother Richard, 60, reacting to the death of his loved ones said losing half of his family in such a short space of time said he felt like ‘someone has cut him open and stolen his heart’.

The UK is one of the hardest hit countries in Europe with fatalities well over 11,000. The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has also had a fair share of the virus haven been only discharged from intensive care.

When Jayne fell sick, she asked friends to pray for her recovery while Richard posted on Facebook “Come on, Jayne, stay strong and fight this please.”

Now his sister has passed away.

Richard announcing on Facebook the death of his sister Jayne who passed away on Friday, said;

‘It’s with heartbreaking regret to say Jayne has lost her battle for life.
‘At least we have the comfort of knowing she is back with mum and dad.
‘To lose half your family in the space of two weeks feels like someone has cut me open and stolen my heart. So, so wrong.’
‘It’s like a horror movie for the rest of the family”