#Lockdown : Compulsory stay at home order makes 15 year old commit suicide

A 15 year old girl identified as Jo’Vianni Smith was reported to have committed suicide after she could not cope with the stay at home order given by the government in Carlifonia.

Jo’Vianni was found dead inside her home where she hanged herself last week with no note.

Record net reported that a coach at Jo’Vianni’s school, Bear Creek High School said the cause of the death was due to the stresses and pressures from coping with the self-isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her mother, Danielle Hunt, also said she believes that stress from the health crisis may have played a role in her daughter’s death, according to the outlet.

In her words “I felt that I was doing all that I could as a parent to leave the communication open, Hunt told the news station, adding that “sometimes we may need to stop and worry about the kids that we don’t think we need to worry about,” adding that Jo’Vianni did not leave a note behind.”

Hunt described her daughter as ‘bubbly,’ ‘loving,’ and the light of her world. It’s like, how do you explain a girl like her? If you met her one time, like, she made an impact in your life, she said.

Jo’Vianni who was in her second year in high school, was said to be a promising student/athlete, playing softball on travel teams as a catcher.