Abuja lady baths married man with acid for deceiving her by claiming he is single

A woman in abuja has bathed a man with acid for deceiving her by claiming he is single.

Miss Evelyn Ekpo gave Mr. Philip Ejembi an acid bath lying to her that he is single while he is married with four kids, three boys and a girl.

Evelyn who has been dating Ejembi for over a year did not know that he is married with kids, he covered up his marital status and has continued to promise her marriage in the course of the relationship.

Evelyn who lives at the Karu area of Abuja,  gave all her life savings to Ejembi to plan for their marriage not knowing he is married and was deceiving her,actually rob her both emotionally and financially…

Evelyn however learned that Ejembi is married when she traced him to Otukpo area of Benue state where he comes from while making inquiry about him. 

Her trace of him exposed his marital status, and also showed he is married with four kids, while his family lives at the Wurukum area of Makurdi the Benue state capital.

Angry with the development, Evelyn invited Ejembi to her house where she poured  acid on him in a fit of rage.

Miss Joy, who narrated the incident , said, Ejembi is currently being admitted at custom hospital Karu where he is been treated.

She also disclosed that Evelyn has disappeared with no one having knowledge of her whereabouts since the incident occurred.

13 Comments on “Abuja lady baths married man with acid for deceiving her by claiming he is single”

  1. I have been a victim of this same issue and I walked away and am still very much happy with myself knowingfull well someday someone that is mine will come,but till date he still calls me with an unknown number to ask for firgforgive.she could have moved on and allow God flight for her.

  2. I love the comment of my sake Amarachi, she should have just move on with her life than puting herself in trouble because the law must come after her nomatter where she runs to.

  3. Amarachi, u are right, but as u can see what is going on now in the world, her act us one of the end time lesson. Mr. A – A that cheat on your wives, U have read & hear.

  4. That might have been his area of specialisation, he don take the hand wey he dey catch fly carry catch bee. Case settled.

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