55-year-old who lied about his travel history and symptoms dies from #covid_19

The news broke yesterday at LUTH that a patient with Covid-19 died concealing his travel history.

The 55- years old man came back from Europe and didn’t disclose this information to the doctors at LUTH. He lied about his cough and other symptoms.

He had a kidney transplant 7 years ago and was also diabetic.

He was on strong immune suppression drugs for the kidney transplant and was admitted on the night of April 2nd, 2020 on presumption of complications from the kidney transplant.

This man, and his family, lied to their doctors, their health workers, about his symptoms and travel history, and now 4 doctors, 6 nurses have had to go into self isolation. They have had contact with several relatives, friends, and patients.
There were other patients in that A and E where he was admitted.

He tested positive to the virus when a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test was done on his blood posthumously.

Doctors and Nurses who attended to him are in isolation.

He had passed through many in the Accident and Emergency before going through to the spillovers ward as we call it.

As assessments and discussions about the implications continue on social media becoming a hive it brings up many questions begging for unavailable answers.

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