#Covid19 Nigeria’s Ministry of Finance begs Elon Musk for ventilators on twitter


Following the outbreak that led to the global pandemic, coronavirus the health sectors all over the world is under pressure and medical supplies and machine to save lives are scarce.

The coronavirus attacks the respiratory system so one of the machined needed to help patients survive is the ventilator.

South African techpreneur Ellon Musk announced on his twitter handle that he will be shipping to him spirals worldwide.

The Nigeria’s Ministry of finance replied Ellon appeal g to him to send some ventilators to Nigeria stating that Nigeria needs support with 100-500 ventilators.

The Nigerian government has raised over 7 billion naira in donations to help battle the Covid-19 outbreak.

The country houses the wealthiest man in the continent, the wealthiest politicians in the world, the wealthiest religious leaders, some of the wealthiest entertainers to come from the continent.

What they’re begging for is less than 30% of what they claimed to have gotten from contributions from some of their wealthiest.

Nigeria also budgeted N37B to renovate NASS building, $500m to upgrade NTA but could not release funds to purchase ventilators.