Man allegedly killed brother during argument over a girl

A yet to be identified Nigerian man is currently on the run after killing his brother during an argument over a girl.

According to a Facebook user, Ebuka Ikeorah, he wanted to stab the girl he was having argument with and missed his target and killed his own brother in the process.

Ebuka Ikeorah wrote ;

Shit just has happened.

This guy in my street was fighting with a girl, during the fight, the girl punched him in the eye, he tried to retaliate and his elder brother held him down. While he was down this same girl punched him severely. he got up and asked his elder brother why he would hold him down and allow a stranger punch him.

The elder brother told him to leave the girl alone and that the whole issue wasn’t worth it.

The guy refused. Half way into the fight, he pulled a dagger and just when he wanted to stab the girl, he missed his target and severed his brother’s neck.

I’m very sure the guy died before his body actually fell on the floor because the vein in his neck was slit open.

This careless guy just killed his brother because of a very stupid girl in this street. The police just collected the remains of the boy for autopsy.

P/S: the girl is currently on the run, including the boy.