#Covid19: Shortage of condoms in coming months due to viral pandemic

According to @businessinsider, it looks like there may be a shortage of condoms, due to the viral pandemic.

A company, located in Malaysia, Karen Bhd, is responsible for producing one out of every five condoms. But because of the shutdown the company hasn’t made a condom in 10 days.

On a normal day, the company makes 100 million condoms in a 10-day period. Then, they are sold and distributed to Durex.

“We are going to see a global shortage of condoms everywhere, which is going to be scary,” Karex Chief Executive Goh Miah Kiat told Reuters. He said he foresees the shortage lasting for months.

Unfortunately, delivery for condoms has also slowed down. Some are taking an extra 18-days to ship.

“As vigilance and concern grows around transmission of the coronavirus, we are seeing heightened vigilance by oversight bodies, including around import, freight, and clearance of all shipments, including of contraceptives,” Purdy said. “There is increased scrutiny and requests for paperwork on products arriving from other countries, resulting in delays in clearance approvals.”

This viral pandemic has caused quite a disruption around the world. Billions of people are out of jobs and schools are currently closed.

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