#Imam of Peace trolls President Buhari on Twitter, calls him #Presidentcovik

Popular Iranian-born Islamic cleric, Mohammad Tawhidi a.k.a Imam of Peace has been dragging President Buhari left, right and centre on Twitter over his incompetence.

The Australia-based Muslim influencer and reformist started dragging Buhari after Nigerians questioned the presidency about the whereabouts of the President over his inability to address Nigerians on the coronavirus crisis.

Buhari last addressed the nation about the COVD-19 pandemic in a 23 second Twitter video where he called the disease “Covikk 1-9”

“The President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari still doesn’t know the name of the virus killing 24,000+ at such a rapid rate. Addressing the nation about it for the first time, he pronounced the virus as ‘CIVIK 1-9’,” he wrote. Adding, “His friend, Imran Khan, thinks Japan and Germany share a border.”

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