#CovidNgr: Winners Chapel sends short bank code to members to enable them pay offerings and tithe online amidst lockdown

The Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel has enabled a short code that will enable their members pay tithe and offerings online amids the #COVID19 outbreak that led to a lock down and ban on religious and social gatherings.

The bank code, *389*30*1# sent to members this morning is to enable them pay their ; offerings, tithe, thanksgiving, shiloh offerings etc.

With the corona virus pandemic, a lot of people are out of jobs and price of essential commodities in the market is at an all time high.

Despite being the poverty capital of the world, majority of the richest pastors in the world are Nigerians.

The General Overseer of Winners Chapel, Rev. Oyedepo who has come under harsh criticism on social media for holding church service at the church’s auditorium in Canaan land despite the government ban on social gatherings said nothing can stop the people from gathering to worship.

9 Comments on “#CovidNgr: Winners Chapel sends short bank code to members to enable them pay offerings and tithe online amidst lockdown”

      1. It’s like you guys don’t know what Yahoo boys are capable of again..
        It’s not just code they are using now in this period, they are also using this medium to raise funds that they will share for the poor…

    1. The question is: amidst the social distance and lockdown without social securities. The church ought to serve as a social working organizations to provide help and relieve materials, supplies, donate funds to its poor members by requesting registered members through their various cells and groups in the church vide their account numbers. They who work in the vineyard shall eat of the vineyard. And refusing to obey the government ban on social and religious gatherings is an arrogant thing to do. Its a civil offense and disobedience to undermine constituted authorities. It should be punishable without sentient. That is impunity on the side of the church leadership against the society and it is very misleading.

        1. You are heading for destruction by the consuming fire of Almighty God,by running your lattering mouth on His servant like this, I pity your mother, if you still have one.

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