Muslim lady rejects bride price tells husband to make a vow not to take another wife

According to eye witnesses A Muslim lady named Fatima Babawale stopped her husband from paying the dowry during their Nikkah ceremony.

She told her husband to promise her that he will not marry another wife in present of all the family during wedding in Offa, Kwara State .

This happened in Amuyo Area Offa, Kwara State, on 15/2/2020 during the Nikkah ceremony.

In Islamic Religion, is not mandatory to give the woman Bride price as money, Bride price can be in different form, for example, it can be Money, Cloth,Shoe, or any tangible thing that came from bride mind.

During Muhammed Adebayo and Fatima Babawale’s on Saturday 15th 2020, Alfa ask Muhammed to come out and pay his wife bride price and also the Imam asked him the kind of bride price he wants to pay, Muhammed was about to drop money when Fatma stood up and told Muhammed not to pay money, one of the Alfa ask Fatima what she wanted and she said Muhammed should promise her that he will not Marry another woman in present of all the family members gathered.

Muhammed was surprised at first, because she did not discuss it with him before the Nikkah.

Mohammed went to his dad and mum to discuss with them in short minutes, they concluded that he should do what his wife requested.

Mohammed then took the Microphone and made the promise after which the Nikkah ceremony was concluded.

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