Teachers threaten to flog SS2 student for bringing a portrait of Naira Marley that he drew to school

According to school counselor, Oluwaseyifunmi Ricketts an SS2 boy showed up at school with this portrait of Nigerian artiste Naira Marley.

According to Ms Ricketts the portrait was seized and taken to the classroom while the teachers argued if the boy should be flogged or not.

Ms Ricketts wrote ;

Lol, so this morning, an SS2 student brought a big pencil portrait of Naira Marley to school.

He said he drew it himself.

The head subject teacher seized it and brought him to our staff room.


I Am On My Guidance Counseling Practicum😀

Boy is talented.
He is in art class.

First thing i saw was raw talent.
Instead of me to counsel, im busy admiring.
I hope im not a pop culture counselor bai 😭😭

Was he wrong to draw Naira Marley?
Should he be flogged?

Ps : i concealed his number with my name.

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