Nigerian who was reported dead on ill-fated Ukrainian plane says he’s alive

The rumoured Nigerian to have died on that Ukrainian plane shot down by rocket in Tehran, Iran says he is alive. His name is Bernard Adeleye. Never been on a plane in his life. They took his Instagram photo and made up a story.

According to him, “I am not dead; in fact, I have never travelled to Ukraine before.

“I have never travelled by air before let alone travelling to Ukraine.

“So, why will someone use my picture and claim that I was the Nigerian that died in the Ukraine plane crash?

“The picture that was used in the publications was the same picture that I used on my Instagram page in 2018, and this was the exact outfit I am putting on now.

“This has really affected me as I now wear face cap to cover my face because whenever I am walking on the road, people called me ‘dead man walking’,” he said.

He also advised bloggers and media outfits saddled with the task of disseminating information to ensure due diligence by verifying stories at their disposal before publishing such news.

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