MD of Maersk stabbed by robbers in his home, his wife murdered

Gildas Tohuo( Cameroonian ) the MD of MAERSK Nig. Ltd was involved in an armed robbery last night, his hungarian wife was killed & he is in critical condition.

This happened at the Maersk compound at Lugard ave, Ikoyi, Lagos. His wife was forced to drink acid. He’s still unconscious and does know his wife is dead..

The suspect is said to be someone who is their electrician in the building.

The electrician came with his friend and were allowed access based on recognition.
They locked husband and wife in different rooms.

They forced the wife to transfer some money to them and also collected her ATM card. They also forced both of them to drink acid.

Wife was suffocated with pillow afterwards.
Husband had opportunity to call his CSO who alerted the police

A team led by the CP arrived the scene and surrounded the premises while the suspects were still there. They were both apprehended.”

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