9-year-old boy narrates how his head master has been having anal sex with him (Video)

A 9-year-old boy has narrated to his parents and the authorities how his head master have been sodomizing him for the past one year.

The boy (name withheld) said that he was beaten and bruised with other kids by the headmaster after which the head master will take him to his house or the bathroom strip him naked and then forcefully have his way with him.

He also said that he has tried telling his parents and other teachers in the school about it but nobody listened to him or believed him.

After series of abuse, the boy started dripping blood from his anus, his nanny noticed it and had to report to the boy’s mother and they squeezed the truth from him.

Despite threats from the headmaster, the boy finally spoke and exposed all that has been happening to him in the past one year.The case has been reported to the authorities.

Watch video:

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