South African couple get 21 wedding sponsors after the man was mocked for propsing in a fast food

The story has it that, a guy proposed to his girlfriend in a KFC fast food and she accepted the proposal.

An unknown person used the man to mock South African men for being broke quoting a tweet made by KFC in search of the couple.

The tweet went viral and had DSTV, Coke Amstel Malt, the SA Audi company and seventeen other companies pleading to sponsor the wedding.

Precious, an events planner who is one of the most elite wedding planners in SA is offering to plan the whole wedding for free. Musicians including Zakes Bantwini, Sjava and Amy Faku will also perform for free, free trips to Mozambique, Cape Town and Limpopo by different travel agents, the list goes on and on”!

Photos below :

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