Former pension boss accused of stealing billions of Naira arrives in court on a wheelchair

Maina, former pension boss and accused pension fraud perpetrator appears in court today on wheelchair. His son is standing trial with him for pulling out a gun on officers that came to arrest them.

Abubakar Maina was appointed by the government of goodluck Jonathan to help sanitise the pension system in Nigeria.

Maina detected billions of stolen money from the Pensioners during his investigation and with the Presidential backing, Maina succeeded in going after the thieves and in recouping some of these stolen money back into the covers of the Federal government.

Not long after his successful transformation ideas settled did his own fraud started coming to light. As Maina was recovering stolen money from former pension thieves, he was helping himself with some of the money too, buying choice properties in Nigeria and abroad, he even had the idea of becoming a state governor in 2019 after coming back from exile.

Jonathan launched a probe into Maina’s activity and traced billions of pension funds to his personal bank accounts, his family members and some of his associates.

Maina sensed his time was up and fled Nigeria – became a fugitive for 2 years until Buhari became President.

Maina returned, under whatever arrangement with Buhari’s government, he was reinstated into the civil service, promoted, transfered to interior ministry and all his salaries while he ran away was paid in full.

The Pensioners who are victims of Maina’s fraud kept petitioning EFCC and whoever cares to listen to help them fight for justice.

Maina was finally arrested and here he is, on wheelchair ♿, in court.

How come they are all always sick whenever it’s time to face the consequences of their actions?

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