“I will never vote an Igbo man to be president, Igbos are snakes” Farida Kabir

Fareedah Kabir who hails from Northern Nigeria is currently trending on twitter for stating her political views on an Igbo presidency in the year 2023.

Fareeda in her tweets talked about how the Northerners suffered at the hands of the Igbos during the Civil War despite the fact that the war took place in the Eastern region.

Here are some excerpt from the tweets :

“Until I see a conscious and genuine effort from Ndi Igbo on peaceful coexistence and respect for our differences, I will never ever cast my vote for them and I’ll make sure my people don’t either. This doesn’t affect my personal relationship with the few that I know in anyway.

But this is the reality for me and many of my kindred. A snake can only give birth to long things and a fowl that is disobedient will learn obedience in a cooking pot.

Don’t forget the pains of the civil war and how it was narrated to us. How Kaduna nzeogwu bit the hand that fed him, and how our leaders were targeted and killed in the most gruesome way”

Nigerians on Twitter were appalled by her level of ignorance and how she justified the genocide in Asaba and the death of over three million children who died from starvation during the Civil War.

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