Two Nigerian ladies admit to falsely accusing a young man of rape

Nigerian man with Twitter handle @ynotes has called out ladies who falsely accused him of rape on the 9th of September 2019

The lady identified as Cynthia accused him of trying to rape her friend, Anita after he took her out for a date.

Cynthia further advised other girls to steer clear from him as he doesn’t take ‘NO’ for an answer.

However, it appears Anita lied to her friend Cynthia and Tega about the attempted rape for reasons unknown.

Sharing an audio clip of one of the ladies admitting that they lied about the rape allegation they made against him, @ynotes_ said he got blocked after he reached out to one of his accusers to publicly say the truth.

He further revealed that after they got court summons, a friend reached out to him for settlement out of court but the ladies weren’t forthcoming with his demand of publicly admitting that they lied against him because of ‘fear of backlash’

Listen to the voice notes :

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