Rwanda becomes the first African country to produce smart phones

Africa now has a smartphone produced within the continent as the Mara Phone factory has been established in Rwanda.

The new smartphone factory for the production of the Maraphones was officially opened in April.

Components of the phone are manufactured in Rwanda

The Mara Phones according to its Founder Ashish J Thakkar are among the first devices to run Android Oreo. Android Oreo is an OS optimized for apps like YouTube Go, Facebook Lite and Twitter Lite that are made for the African market.
Mr. Thakkar revealed that there are plans to roll out another plant in South Africa. Mara Corp. is reported to be investing USD$100 million in such expansion projects.

The establishment of the smartphone factory is expected to create some 20,000 direct and indirect jobs in Rwanda.

Currently some firms are assembling smartphones in countries such as Kenya, South Africa’s and Egypt.

This is the first time a smartphone is not being assembled in Africa but all the parts manufactured on the continent.

“Producing smartphones is not a simple matter. Around one thousand individual components are involved. The Mara Phones plant is therefore a complex manufacturing operation, requiring significant technical skills and expertise. It is another milestone on our journey to high-tech, “made-in-Rwanda” industry. Our world is changing fast. Keeping pace requires constant innovation. This is the path Rwanda has chosen for our development. The investment by Mara Phones Group is therefore in perfect harmony with our focus on science and technology as the key drivers of our economic transformation.” President Kagame remarks at the official launch of Mara Phones manufacturing plant – President Paul Kagame of Rwanda

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