#BBNAIJA: How Jaruma’s blue eye bracelet failed Tacha

It’s been alleged that Hauwa Mohammed Saidu aka Jaruma is behind Tacha’s ordeal at the Big Brother Naija house.Tacha who was one of the most favorite house mate was disqualified few days to the finals.

Based on the ratios of votes cast at the weekly eviction show, Tacha, until her disqualification was among those at the tip of victory in the 2019 season of Big Brother Naija.

Despite the adverse criticism her role in the house generated for her, fame has also caught up with her.

One of the most attributing features of Tacha is her belief in Jaruma power – bracelet/string.

These tools are luck charm with magical powers to protect and grant the wishes of the wearer, the bracelets which are mostly designed for neckline, ankle-line and waistline, are believed to work wonders in the spheres of love, riches and romance.

Most ladies, these days, depend on these tools to evoke romantic indulgences with politicians and rich guys in order to acquire wealth.

Sources close to Jaruma and Tacha has revealed to us that Jaruma gave Tacha one of the blue eyed bracelets before the auditions, Jaruma told her that wearing the blue eyes bracelet to the audition will guarantee her spot in the show.

Tacha wore the bracelet to the auditions and she was selected despite thousands that auditioned, this increased Tacha’s fate in Jaruma and the bracelet.

Tacha put so much fate in the bracelet that she thought she was untouchable, what Tacha didn’t envisage was the uproar of Nigerians on twitter after the fight with Mercy, following the uproar Big Brother had to disqualify Tacha to retain the show’s integrity.

When Tacha got disqualified, Jaruma released a video promising to give Tacha the sum of fifty million Naira, few days later Jaruma denied making such promise and even deleted the video from her Instagram page as it stands now, Tach and Jaruma have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Tacha is not the first person to be deceived by Jaruma’s powerless bracelets as a lot of people who have been failed by the bracelets locked their wounds in secret because exposing Jaruma will mean exposing themselves too.

These bracelets do not possess any magical power, they’re empty bracelets that need the faith and energy of the wearers as the incentive that triggers the inherent latent power within them to attract their wishes.

Jaruma’s power lies in the fact that the sex industry is becoming the most thriving business after politics.

Today, sex is not the same way it was many years ago. There are so many wild and exciting undertakings that people want to explore through sex and because in marriage quite a number of men feel apart with their spouse in their wild sexual undertakings, they feel obligated to engage jaruma girls at huge monetary cost to soothe their fantasies.

Beyond the tools of Jaruma’s power is sexual dexterity, boldness and the rudeness characteristic of Tacha

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