#BBNaija: People detest Seyi because he is the grandson of Awolowo _ Peter Ayodele Adesanya

Seyi should have known that the name Awolowo was going to be a burden for him in that house. An albatross on his neck. Of course he can’t change his Surname but it is what it is. He shouldn’t have even gone into the house with the thought of winning. He should have just focused on endearing himself to Nigerians so he can cash out on the fame afterwards.

He even put himself in a more difficult position by bragging everytime about his pedigree. They already hate and envy that you are an Awolowo. He went further to rub it in and called some contestant, Peasant. 😃😃

This boy is a psychologist but he doesn’t know anything about the human psychology and how to use it to your advantage.

The people who vote BBN contestants are the masses. They use Tecno and Infinix. These are the same masses who hate and detest the elites understandbly. The fact that he is the grandson of Awolowo is enough for them to detest him. The majority who watch BBN are mostly unemployed/underemployed struggling young people. How do you think that demography is going to support someone with such pedigree?

Look at the past winners of BBN. They are mostly people who the BBN audience see as humble, struggling and poor. Basically someone like them. Look at Efe. Look at Miracle. Efe came with his Warri struggle story. Miracle came with the “I struggled to go to aviation school story. I need the money to go back to school”. It was after the competition, people realized Miracle didn’t come from a poor or struggling home like they thought.

There is no way Seyi Awolowo would win this year’s BBN show. They would vote against him as a form of protest against the elites.

Why do you think Buhari pretended to be poor and took pictures of himself drinking sachet Milo? Why do you think Jonathan said he grew up without shoes? The masses need to see that you are like them. They need to see that you struggle like them.

The masses hate the elites in this country. The only thing keeping them at bay is the law and the fact that the Nigerian police and military would kill without consequences. Look at what happened last week in ShopRite and Lekki expressway.

If you want to win their love, keep your achievements and pedigree aside and pretend or play the game like politicians all over the world do. Don’t brag or else they would rubbish your achievements and elevate an unintelligent character like Tacha above you.

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