58-year-old divorced mom shoots her two children then shoots herself

Bodies of 58-year-old Atlanta based woman Marsha Edwards, her son Chris Edwards, 24 and her daughter Erin Edwards, 20 were founf by police conducting a welfare check in their family home at Vinings Georgia.

Erin and Chris died from gunshot wounds while their mom died from self inflicted gunshots.

Marsha was divorced from her children’s father, Dr. Chris Edwards an orthopedic surgeon who leads the Atlanta Housing Authority board also sits on the board of trustee for the Morehouse School of Medicine.

Two days before the tragedy, Marsha Edwards posted on social media enjoying a vacation with her daughter Erin in Italy, sharing snaps from Vatican City, Rome and Venice.

On Wednesday, the same day as the killings, Marsha posted to Instagram in an eerie post: ‘I’ve had the best summer, first with Chis in Miami, and Erin in Italy. I could not ask for better children.

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