Nigerians mock Joe Igbokwe as Sanwo-Olu appoints him SA on water resources and drainage matters

Following the appointment of Joe Igbokwe as the Special Adviser for Water Resources and Drainage by Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Nigerians across all social media platform are making jest of the Anambra State born 56-year-old.

The only people who congratulated Joe were a few APC stalwarts, despite being Igbo and an indigenes of the prestigious Nnewi town, Joe categorically said that he is not Igbo but a Nigerian citizen.

Insults metted out on Joe ranged from shit-packer, gutter-boy etc. Knowing what the drainage in Lagos state, the state with the highest population in Nigeria looks like Joe is up for some tedious task.

Here are a few reactions from Nigerians in Twitter:

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