“The USA embassy defrauds Nigerians legally” Tunde Ednut

Popular blogger and online media personality Tunde Ednut has accused the United States embassy of perpetrating the highest fraud in Nigeria, Tunde accused the US embassy in Nigeria of defrauding Nigerians legally.

According to sources, Nigerians spent 9.7 billion Naira on US visas in 2017.

Data for 2019 has not been published but there have been lamentations from many Nigerians about high rejection rate since the beginning of the year.

With a 57.47% adjusted refusal rate, Nigeria was also listed among top countries like Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Burundi, Burkina Faso etc., with high refusal rate for B-visas. B visas are issued for short-term business or pleasure travel to the United States.

Despite the surge in visa denials for Nigerians, the country still accounts for the highest percentage of visas issued to African nationals in the past three years.

“If you don’t give visas, refund people their money” Tunde wrote in an Instagram post.

Nigerians are aware upfront that they are paying a nonrefundable application fee whilst applying.

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