How the past of @omojuwa keeps hunting him on Twitter

Japhet J. Omojuwa popularly known on twitter with the handle @omojuwa is one of Nigeria’s social media influencers.

The 33-year-old is not a stranger to controversies and online battles, Japhet came to limelight when he accused Arik airline of stealing his iPad after which the iPad was returned by the airline, that was the beginning of his online activism and his Twitter fame.

It didn’t take long before his followers on the Twitter platform increased and whatever he tweeted went viral, Omojuwa lent his voice to bad governance and a lot of social ills that went on in Nigeria.

As Omojuwa’s fame grew, so did his arrogance and pride, his narcissistic nature began to reveal itself, it didn’t take long pre 2015 during the campaign season for the world to finally see Omojuwa for who he really is.

It’s been alleged that Omojuwa was recruited by El-rufai the current governor of Kaduna State to peddle a certain narrative in the mind of his followers against the former Goodluck Jonathan, El-rufai was also famously known for his hate speech and tweets which was taken to new heights when he (El-rufai) retweeted a certain tweet that mocked Jesus Christ.

El-rufai later deleted the tweet and apologized for it.

El-rufai continued with his anti GEJ tweets that reeked of hate, a lot of people considered the tweets as despicable and shouldn’t be coming from someone like him so El-rufai allegedly passed the baton to Omojuwa.

Omojuwa took it to a whole new level, without any decorum and holding nothing back and compared the former president to a dead pig.

These are just a few of the hateful tweets Omojuwa tweeted amidst others as if that was not enough after GEJ lost the election it was alleged that Omojuwa petitioned Yale to withdraw the honorary doctorate award bestowed on one of Jonathan’s minister Ngozi Okonjo Iweala.

Despite tweeting the link to the petition, Omojuwa denied being behind it but nobody believed him as he was one of those who consistently clamored for her resignation while she was still a minister.

Omojuwa still refused to tread softly on twitter as he poured out his venom on anyone whose opinion did not align with his own, it was not until he encountered Stanley Nwabia who fired back at him when he called Stanley an impotent man.

Omojuwa who told the whole world about his engagement but did not talk about the break up finally opened up in a series of tweets after Stanley suggested that the reason his engagements broke up was because of his impotency.

The travails of Omojuwa on twitter reached a new height last week when Omojuwa alleged that someone named Andrew Alli wrote to the University College London to withdraw his admission.

It didn’t take long after the tweet before all those who he has hurt tweeted back telling him how he deserved it, he was also reminded that he petitioned Yale to withdraw Iweala’s honorary doctorate which he denied.

Israel Oladipupo also tweeted that Omojuwa wrote against him to the HR in his former office just because he criticized Buhari.

Blossom Ozurumba also accused Omojuwa of trying to ruin her career by reaching out to her former boss.

Dayo Ibitoye tweeted that Omojuwa wrote a petition to his former boss and he had to stay away from Twitter for a while.

Omojuwa stands accused of single handedly bringing hate into Nigerian political online space and despite his travails people felt no empathy for him.

Do you think the Nigerian online space will ever forgive Omojuwa for his past mistakes?

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