How a Fulani woman kidnapped and killed her best friend’s 8-year-old daughter

On the 15th of July 2019 a man named Sani Umar who resides in Tudun Wada Quaters, Kano reported that his 8-year-old daughter Aisha Sani has been kidnapped by an unknown woman.

During the investigation by the police the lifeless body of Aisha was discovered in Tunkuntawa Quaters, Kano.

Fadila Mohd Surajo, of Sabuwar Gandu Quarters, Kano, was arrested in connection with the case and confessed to the crime. She happens to be the childhood friend of the deceased’s mom.

In her confessional statement, the suspect said she first kept the girl with her sister when the ransom negotiation started, but after sometime she took her away and locked her in a toilet for three days. On the fourth day, she got tired of her and threw her in a well.

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