Community leader accuses Pastor Zabulon Buthelezi of impregnating his wife of 20 years

A member of the Zion Christ church who is also a community leader has accused the famous South African televangelist Zabulon Buthelezi of impregnating his wife of twenty years.

The man also lamented that the wife who has refused him sex for the past six years has been having sex with the pastor, he also complained that the wife abused him emotionally because she will always take her bath in his presence but will never allow him to touch her.

When he confronted pastor Zabulon Buthelezi, the Pastor threatened to terminate his life, the man said he discovered the affair after his daughter returned home late from the church.

“I was not aware of their relationship and that my wife was pregnant by Pastor Buthelezi. After a few days I realised when my wife was speaking to my daughter that she is in love with Pastor Buthelezi.” the man said.

When he confronted the Pastor, the pastor told him that his wife is ugly, “he said he has a lot of beautiful women at his church, and he is going to deal with me because I dirtymark (sic) his name,” he wrote in his court papers.

The child from the pregnancy was born. On the 22nd of June, both his wife and the pastor has refused to comment

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