18-year-old boy narrates how he killed his mother and slept with her corpse

An 18-year-old man, Samuel Akpobome, who was arrested by the police in Edo State for allegedly killing his mother for money rituals, has explained how he committed the act.

Samuel Akpobeme killed his mother, had sex with her corpse for money ritual. The teenager who was paraded by the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Johnson Kokumo, stated that he later had sexual intercourse with his mother’s corpse.

He said, “I wanted to use her (Christiana) for money rituals. I strangled her; she was sleeping when I strangled her at about 5 am. I was advised by a native doctor in Oghara to kill her. After killing her, I slept with her. The native doctor told me to do so and keep her corpse for two days.”

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