Obinwanne Invictus Okeke, Entrepreneur by day! Fraudster by night!!

The FBI has arrested 28-year-old Nigerian Businessman, Obinwanne Okeke, the CEO of Invictus Group for a $11 million wire fraud, which was executed by hacking into a steel company’s CEO’s Office365 account.

Obinwanne Okeke was once honoured as one of Africa’s most Promising Entrepreneurs, Forbes Africa 30 under 30 2016.

Below is what was written about him then:

Obinwanne Okeke, 28, Nigeria
Founder: Invictus Group

Okeke could not fail his mother. A promise meant hard work and dreaming big. He was raised in Ukpor village, 790 kilometers from Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, as the 17th child of a polygamous father. He went to boarding school aged 10, lost his father at 16 and moved from one relative to another. He named his company Invictus after one of Nelson Mandela’s favorite a poems, by William Ernest Henley, about the undefeated and unconquerable soul of a hard worker, from an impoverished background, who will not give up.

Invictus is in construction, agriculture, oil and gas, telecoms and real estate. He has 28 permanent and 100 part-time employees across nine companies.

Obinwanne is a hero and role model to many young people in Nigeria, what they did not know was that he was a busines man by day and a fraudster by night.

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