Policeman who said that Nigeria is led by evil men arrested

This policeman has been arrested by Yobe Police Command for posting on Facebook that “Nigeria is led by evil men”

Sunday Japhet, a policeman who said Nigeria is led by evil people, has been arrested by the Yobe state police command.

Sunmonu Abdulmaliki, Yobe commissioner of police, confirmed the arrest of Japhet, but did not go into details.

Before his arrest, Japhet had said he was not afraid of losing his life for speaking the truth to power.

He had complained about being owed salaries, expressing the wish that he and his colleagues could stage a protest over the incident in order to attract public sympathy.

The officer used Facebook as an avenue to express his feelings. On August 4, he wrote: “O God! My country, so, is it that if mobile police on special assignment did (do) not protest and tell the whole world that they have no been paid, police authority or federal government of Nigeria will not pay them? I pray this very protest on 14 will bring attention of those has good in mind to speak for us.

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