Nigerian lady threatens to take her life and that of her son

Nigerian lady, Eze Eberechukwu Praise who resides in Awka Anambra State has taken to facebook to announce that she is going to take her life and that of her son.

From her post, it is obvious that she is going through domestic abuse in her home.

“We live in a society where no body cares, you are in a bad abusive marriage,no one cares, family, friends.. they tell you to endure,pray while the assult is in the increase, you pack home,they tell you to go back and make your marriage work, verbal abuse increases at it’s peak, you are are bastard,bad wife,low life, you smell awful, you feel you made a 2:1 in school,come and get money for clearance,so you’d build a career and match up to me,and at the point you think murder and sucide, family are still talking peace…that if you are killed they won’t leave the guy..ooh they care so much but yet they couldn’t raise money for rent for you to start a life..
When family fails you cos you are Dame the consequences,take a life and go serve the jail term.” Praise wrote in a Facebook post she made earlier today.

Her online friends have been making efforts to reach her but none of them were successful except Cynthia Raphael who located where she was.

Praise was finally located at the Health care sentre Okpuno Awka where she was receiving treatment.

According to Cynthia, Praise is in an abusive marriage ans has tried to get out several times but didn’t have any where to go to as her parents didn’t accommodate her in their home.

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