Popular model Adetutu OJ goes nude

Nigerian model Adetutu OJ is popularly known for her signature tribal marks has joined the league of nudist models.

The bared it all in a photo shoot putting on nothing but a white pant, paintings of white markings of art and a visible camel toe.

I don’t know how the fans are going to feel about this one considering the fact that we can’t find the boobs.

The pictures were released on her Instastory.

On facebook she posted a painting of the picture with the caption below:

“Adetutu, we live in a conservative society. You won’t get gigs with these nonsense you are doing and posting.

They said “do you” but they don’t really mean it.

Hypocrisy stinks!

I do me and I will not change for no one even though I know Nigeria is a deeply religious society where your business is everyone’s.

Waka pass is an option but people rarely use it.

At some point you would have to choose between your conscience and pleasing those people. “

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