9-year-old boy who was locked up in a dog cage by step mother rescued

Few days ago the viral video of a woman who beat up a boy with a belt and kicked him up in a dog scage sparked outrage on the internet (watch video here).

Human rights activist Gwamnishu Harrison has located the boy in Aba, Abia State.

When Gwamnishu and his team arrived it was discovered that the boy’s legs has been chained by his Step-mother and his father who are supposed to be his guardians.

They chained him up and went out to attend an occasion.

A welder was called to cut the chains but the boy cried out that it was causing him too much pain and suggested that the key was kept somewhere.

The boy whose name is Gift lost his mother at birth and has been constantly subjected to inhumane treatment by his own father and step-mother.

“I can’t do much on this case as I have no shelter for the poor boy. I have written to the Government to set up a Safe Home/Assault Centre for victims. I have also forwarded all details to my team in Abia to pick up the boy and hand over to Ministry of Women Affairs.
Abuse and neglect hit kids hard and abused children are in no shape to defend their rights. BBI and other passionate Nigerians are always here to stand in the gap and represent their interest.” Gwamnishu Harrison wrote in a Facebook post

Watch video:

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