Ufuoma McDermott exposes friend’s nanny who stole money from her purse

Actress Ufuoma McDermott has exposed the nanny to one of her friends’ who stole money from her.

According to a post the actress made on Instagram, the theft happened when she hosted her friend and their kids in her home.

The nanny denied stealing the money but CCTV cameras revealed the truth, the actress posted the CCTV footage but took it down.

Ufuoma wrote:

“On Sunday, my friends and I wanted our kids to spend time together. They converged at mine. The nanny of one friend stole money from a purse and denied. She was the only adult that went into the children’s room. They searched her and begged her to return it to no avail. When I returned, I calmly told them I have CCTV all over the house.

“What my eye saw in those footages is nothing short of a calculated professional career thief, waiting to be employed into people’s houses. She took the money from a handbag in my children’s room, rushed into the toilet, squeezed and wrapped the money in tissue, used it to dab her face so it looks worn, then placed it on my office table. She knew she would be searched. She didn’t want it found on her. But she also knew that no one would suspect that used looking tissue ball sitting there in open glare. My own nannies could have been accused”

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