Federal Government plans to take over the River beds and Lands in the 36 states as Senate revisits Water bill and Land Use Act

Senate President Ahmed Lawan

Babatobe Falade Onikoyi writes on why the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan is revisiting the WATER BILL and the LAND USE ACT.

As we read, the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan has hinted that the senate will revisit the following;

1. Water Bill
2. Land Use Act.

Number 1: Water Bill.
The water bill will give the federal government powers to take over certain river beds and river banks.

Ultimately, the plan is to encroach the economic rights of oil producing communities. This will also allocate their economic assets to the federal government. This is a very unfair proposal. Government in Abuja should leave states to control their resources.

Godswill Akpabio was opposed to this bill in the last senate. But I guess since he is with them now, they have the courage to revisit it.

I implore all sons and daughters of the Niger Delta to look out for this plan to steal their patrimony. The oil belongs to you. Don’t give way to Uncle Federal Government to take away your right.

Number 2:

The Land Use Act Decree 6 of 1978 was promulgated to give powers over land to state governors. This means that all decisions related to land are decided upon by governors.

Recently, we heard about what they called RUGA. This Hausa term means Cow Settlement.

The RUGA proposal was designed to ensure that nomadic herdsmen will finall have places to settle in across the federation of Nigerian. This necessitated calls to state governors to allocate land to herdsmen. In fact, the presidency highlighted that it had gazetted land for this purpose.

Many governors opposed it successfully because they had the power over land. Fortunately, the federal government dropped the idea.

However, the plan is to amend the Land Use Act so that Uncle Federal Government will take land at will to establish things like RUGA.

Please tell your senators to stop these bills should they gain life for discussion. Write to them. Tag them on Twitter.

This country will be a great one if we decentralize governance. These current discussions of water bill and land Use Act amendment is retrogressive. I implore you to take it up with your reps and senators.


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