Wife pours hot water on her husband’s groins for planning to marry a second wife

Lauratu Ibrahim, a mother of 10 and a wife is currently behind bars for pouring hot water on her husband’s groins after he told her of his intention to marry a second wife.

According to the victim, Mallam Aliyu Ibrahim, his wife celebrated the news of him taking a second wife with prayers, he even said that he gave her some money to buy gifts for herself and share to other members of the family and his wife promised to buy some gifts for the new bride.

The victim Mallam Aliyu said he came home on Thursday night and met his wife boiling a huge pot of water but he had no idea what she was boiling the water for, he gave her the meat he bought and went to sit down in the sitting room.

His wife suddenly came to where he was relaxing and poured the hot water around his groin.

Mallam Aliyu is currently receiving treatment at the Danbatta General Hospital Kano.

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