Nigerian writer and feminist steps out as a bi-sexual

Nigerian writer and feminist, Angela Nduka-Nwosu has stepped out as being bisexual.

She revealed this via her Twitter account saying that sh has told her sibling but she’s yet to tell her parents because they are Nigerians.

Below are her tweets :

I’m scared to do this but I’m tired of my gist leaking and tired of pretending that I’m a straight feminist.
So let me just say it now on here.

Your girl accepted that she’s queer this year after spending almost four years praying it away.
Your girl is bi.
I am your girl.Yeah I said it.
Cause I don’t get how I was discussing with someone and appaz he already knew I was bi from “gist around Lagos”.

So I might write an article about it. But I’ve come out to my siblings but not my parents cause well they are Nigerians.

Can’t come and die abeg.Thank you all so so much for the outpouring of love.
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