Nigerians blast nurse on facebook for posting pictures of HIV patients who came to get free medications

Nigerians of Facebook are not taking it lightly with Nurse, Ejimbe Lilian who took pictures of HIV patients that came to her clinic to take pick up their ARV medications.

She posted this picture with the write up below:

For security reasons.. I had to ask a colleague
To take this shot but avoid the faces.
A cross section of people who are infected
With HIV 😔 if u see most of them,u will be
Shocked 😲 they look fresh and well fed.but
They come secretly to get free Drugs right in
My office. I wanna use these medium to urge
Us 2 becareful with our lives.A minute 🕘🕘
Of sexual mistake can cost you dearly.I pitied
Most of them today as I issued them with der
Drugs.anybody can innocently engage them
In a sexual intercourse without
Is sweet but please lets not enjoy it at the
Detriment of our dear lives or at the expense
Of our comfort. Stay faithful to your spouse
Or if you must #play..Biko protect yourselves
To avoid “Had I know” a word is enough for D
Wise ☝👌❤✌

Well Nigerians reacted telling her that she had no right to invade people’s privacy and put their pictures on the internet.

Some suggested that she’s not fit to be a Nurse and her license should be seized.

Some comments below :

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