“Do not threaten me with suspension, I am a Senator like you” Senator Abbo warns Senator Oluremi Tinubu

Embattled Senator Elisha Abbo who is currently facing trial for assaulting a girl in a toy store stepped overboard with his word during the Senate’s hearing of his case.

While being questioned by the committee headed by Sam Egwu, Remi Tinubu said;

Distinguished, you undermine us by even trying to do that, You haven’t even listened to us. Even if we are going beyond what you expect, you can stop us. You don’t come on the other side and start dictating to us. Do you want us to protect you or you want us to defend you or you want to be on your own because do you realise that we are also under law. Do you realise that we can also suspend you.

Instead of being sober, Abbo flared up and said with anger:

I will not sit here and listen to you threaten me with suspension. I am a senator like you. You cannot threaten me with suspension.”

Watch video :

It is obvious his attitude did not match the scripted apology that he gave few days ago.

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