Unknown Men who were caught performing oral sex in a public toilet revealed

The identity of the men who were performing oral sex in a public toilet has been revealed, contrary to reports it actually happened in Zambia not Abuja.

The man sucking the penis of a light skinned man is Raph Lumbwe a staff of Vodafone telecommunication company.

Raph Lumbwe

His girlfriend Mimi Manga said that she is not surprised that Raph will stoop so low and go down on another man in a public toilet according to her, Ralph’s love for money must have led him to do it he loves money more than anything, she also said “I remember talking to him about how uncomfortable i was with him and other other male friends but he blushed it off on my face”.

Mimi said she feels embarrassed knowing that her boyfriend is gay even though she had suspected and this video confirmed her suspicions.

Mimi Manga

That video you saw is sickening, you can imagine how i feel as the girlfriend but what can i do? The guy naturally loves money and i don’t have that money to offer him” she said.

Below is the picture of the white guy, we are yet to get his full name.

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