Politics of HIJAB: FCT Demolishes Caramelo Nite Club over Hijab stripper

By George Onmonya Daniel

The FCT has finally demolished Caramelo Night club over hijab stripper. She went viral after someone took her photos and posted them online. Not happy with a stripper wearing hijab, the FCT authority quickly moved to clamp down on the nightclub, arresting some of the strippers, which we later learned were raped by some of the policemen who were involved in the arrest.

The FCT Authority said Caramelo was originally supposed to be a hospital. Why they demolished the structure is what most people don’t know. A lot of Abuja residence are however outraged over the demolition. Residents are saying Abuja is not a Sharia State and that the FCT went too far with the demolition of Caramelo. “Why not just seal off the place? Why demolish it?” Chinelo asked. “Because what anger them are the photo of a stripper wearing Hijab, nothing else’s.”

Some people have said that the FCT Minister who hasn’t done much and is said to be one of the worse Minister of the Buhari administration is doing this to be in the papers and attract the President’s attention to retain him.


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