Slay queen narrates how she stole recharge card from a passenger in a public bus

Popular Facebook slay queen Merry Ta has narrated how shoe stole recharge card from a woman in a bus.

According to Merry Ta, her and her friends sat in a bus when a woman brought out an mtn voucher to load on her phone.

They looked at each other and decided to be mischievous by playing past fingers, before the woman could key in the digits on the voucher, her friend Precious keyed it in completely and got the card loaded into her phone.

The woman tried to load the card repeatedly but it didn’t go through, as the friends chuckled amongst themselves, the woman realised that a fast one had been played on her so she angrily threw away the recharge card and looked at the giros with scorn.

After making the post Merry thought that her online friends were going to applaud her but to her disappointment, they didn’t.

So she deleted the post, but not before we grabbed screenshots


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