Married woman remanded in prison for beating her best friend who allegedly slept with her husband

The lady who attacked her best friend for allegedly sleeping with her husband has been arrested by the police.

The video which went viral last week showed how Ngozi Akakem led people to Nkiru’s house to beat her up, they stripped Nkiru naked, filmed it and put it on social media.

Reports also said the had a gun pointed to her face so Nkiru couldn’t fight back but plead for her life.

In a video that went viral, last month, Ngozi physically assaulted Nkiru. The victim was also stripped naked and filmed.

Ngozi who was arraigned on a ten count charge in an Owerri court pleaded not guilty, she was granted bail to the tune of one million naira and has been remanded in prison till the bail conditions are met.

The case was adjourned to 28th March 2019



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