Linda’s son won’t bear his father’s last name, his name is Jayce Ikeji

While social media is awash today with Linda’s epistle about how she spent two hours in traffic only to fall pregnant in a 3 bedroom apartment, it is now known for a fact that Jayce, Linda’s son will not be bearing his father’s last name as was revealed by the child’s godmother Ms Aju Elumelu on Instagram.

One cannot say if this is done deliberately out of spite or upholding the traditional law in Igbo land which states that as long as bride price is not paid a child belong to the mother’s family.

Sources close to the Ikeji family had previously revealed to us that the child’s official last name as written in his passport is actually ‘Ikeji’ not ‘Jeremy’.

The godmother just confirmed this to us.

One can’t tell for now if Sholaye Jeremi will be involved in his child’s life or not.

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