Lesbians find me irresistible, they splash me with gifts all the time_ Nollywood actress, Chilly B

Actres Amadi Gift Chinyere a.k.a Chilly B says lesbians find her irresistible and splash her with gifts all the time and she doesn’t hesistate to accept the gifts given to her.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Chilly B who is a Theatre Arts graduate from the University of Calabar(UNICAL) said lesbians in the movie industry disturb her alot.

“Lesbians won’t let me rest! At a point I had to ask myself if I really looked like one of them. As we speak, I’m still struggling to understand my sexuality because even on movie sets, lesbians come after me and try seduce me. On social media and everywhere, they’re always coming after me. They stalk me more than the guys but I must confess, I enjoy their gifts so I collect and enjoy myself.

The most embarrassing ones are the guys that boldly advertise themselves to me. They are like ‘Hello ma, I’m good in bed! If you need a sugar son, I’m available.’ Some go as far as sending me their nudes, I have seen all kinds of male privates. That’s why I wear big dresses or joggers to conceal my curves especially in public places” she said

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